My goodness, Wendy, kids these days call this “emo.” Wendy Wright, preznit of Concerned Women for America, has a piece at the American Thinker [sic] where she bemoans the Obama administration’s contention that discrimination is alive and well in the United States:

What comes through is that President Obama’s crew thinks America is congenitally discriminatory, and his administration is bravely soldiering into this morass against the unwashed masses to create an equal society.

As the report states, “[w]ork remains to meet our goal of ensuring equality before the law for all.” Which American laws or institutions enshrine discrimination? Not mentioned. No matter — when you’re convinced that Americans are bigots, there is no need to provide proof.

Um, actually, Wendykins, it’s more that it’s self-evident to sane people which laws enshrine discrimination. There’s no need for a long-winded explanation.

Later on, she claims that the only people who are really discriminated against are Fundamentalist Christians Like Wendy.  Oh, her tale of woe and lamentation:

Homosexual activists conducted a campaign of harassment, threats, vandalism, and attacks on employment against people who support traditional marriage — with particular venom toward religious people. The vile assaults on Carrie Prejean for merely expressing her views pulled away the curtain that had been hiding how homosexual activists routinely treat decent people who dissent. It raised the question: Who is the aggressor, and who is victim?

Bodycount? Zero. Injuries? No. And that campaign of whatever it is she’s crying about resulted in how many rights being taken away from Fundamentalist Christians? You get the idea. Meanwhile, gay and lesbian Americans still don’t have the rights Wendy does by virtue of the fact that she is heterosexual. So yeah, fundamentalists who want to remake America into a nation ruled by their backward beliefs are still the aggressors.

The Obama administration would answer that question in a manner different from how most Americans would.

[Source: Wendy’s butt.]

Their report states, “In each era of our history,” there is “a group whose experience of discrimination illustrates the continuing debate of how we can build a more fair society. In this era, one such group is LGBT Americans.”

Did you get that? “In each era of our history” — that is, America is historically and inherently bigoted. Makes you wonder why they’d want to live here.

It’s funny that Wendy doesn’t actually try to argue against the statement that America has a history that is rife with examples of discrimination and bigotry. She just goes straight to her crying corner because She Doesn’t Like It.

But most telling is the language to describe the assault on traditional marriage. That’s where this report proves revealing.

Remember, since he ran for president, Obama has claimed that he does not support same-sex “marriage.” Yet he opposes the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the clearest federal statute that protects marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Obama’s Justice Department sabotaged its defense of DOMA in a legal challenge, making such weak arguments that it guaranteed a loss. And he opposed California’s Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Uh, no. Repealing DOMA and legalizing same-sex marriage will do nothing to change Fundamentalist Christian marriages. Women like Wendy are free to continue teaching the women who respect them that it’s best to be like chattel and give up career goals, etc.

In the distorted view of the Obama administration, Americans’ deep respect for the sanctity of marriage is categorized as “discrimination.” In their view, clinging to traditional marriage — the fundamental building block of society — is evidence of America’s breach of human rights. Deconstructing marriage to be “whatever feels good” is considered progress.

Stop saying “Americans,” Wendy, and stop pretending you speak for them. The polls on marriage equality have started to officially shift in our favor, and Kids These Days have already figured out that the Religious Right’s teachings on this subject are unmitigated crap, with large majorities of them favoring full equality for gays and lesbians. When Wendy uses the word “Americans,” she’s bitterly clinging to the bigoted beliefs of a daily shrinking segment of the population, and it’s kind of pathetic.

[h/t Brian at Right Wing Watch]