Alvin McEwen over at Holly Bullies and Headless Monsters writes about a book Joseph Farah is peddling at World Net Daily…

Last week, it was discovered that the right-wing site World Net Daily is selling a discredited book which accuses the gay community of being behind the Nazi Party in Germany during World War II.

This week not only is World Net Daily continuing to sell the book, The Pink Swastika, but it is also trying to capitalize on the recent controversy by claiming that the gay community is trying to silence the book’s “findings.” The site calls The Pink Swastika:

…a book that is disturbing, compelling and persuasive on its major point – that homosexuals dominated the German Nazi Party from its birth through its catastrophic demise.

It’s a book that is vilified by America’s “gay” activist establishment.

Farah also says “It’s a book that has been shunned from libraries.”  So Farah still believes in those socialist things called libraries does he?  Lending out books bought with taxpayer dollars with liberal disregard for the property rights of the publishers, so anyone can read them without paying for them and all that socialist liberal stuff.   Well…yeah. I imagine the latest crazy UFO Space Aliens Mating With Earth Women To Produce A Race Of Garden Gnomes conspiracy theory books hot off the vanity press are also low on the librarian’s list of things to stock on a short budget.  This does not make them scholarly material.

But never mind that.  Here’s what you need to notice…

The biggest criticism of  The Pink Swastika is that Lively and co-writer Ken Abrams committed several distortions in formulating their theories. According to the site Box Turtle Bulletin:

Dr. Warren Throckmorton, an associate professor at the Christian-based Grove City College, has continued to add to his online series debunking The Pink Swastika. His latest installment is probably the most devastating, where Throckmorton catches Lively lying about his source information virtually red-handed. Throckmorton was joined in this endeavor by associate professor of history, Dr. Jon David Wyneken, whose Ph.D. is in modern German history with a focus on the period between 1933 and 1955. Together, they have undertaken a methodical exposé of Lively’s shoddy scholarship.

Throckmorton has written extensively regarding the errors behind The Pink Swastika, all in devastating detail.

Of course World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah  would probably disagree with Throckmorton. He claims to have read the book and found it to be accurate:

They say this book has been discredited,” Farah says. “But I’ve read the book and I’ve read all the criticism. The book more than stands up to all the attacks I’ve seen, most of which are completely baseless.”

That this book is an act of venomous hate mongering is beyond any rational doubt. Its many claims about the homosexual nature of the Third Reich and the Holocaust have been repeatedly debunked by scholars. Its many deliberate deceptions have been carefully, sometimes painstakingly, documented as in the examples of Throckmorton’s work  Burroway cites.  There is just no room for rational doubt that The Pink Swastika is a work of profoundly and deliberately evil intent.  You end up feeling an enormous amount of sympathy for anyone who had to wade through the stench of it in order to debunk it.  Yet Farah claims to have not only read all the criticism, but has found it baseless.

Alvin thinks it is mostly cynical manipulation of his readership for money.  Here’s what I think:  This is what hate eventually does to a person.  Farah is not a stupid man…in the sense that he is literally cognitively deficient.  And yet, you read these free-fall rants of his against The Homosexual, becoming more and more frequent of late, and you see how the fight against The Homosexual has completely consumed him.  You sense that something has gone very wrong inside this man’s head.  But he’s not stupid, not in the clinical sense, and he’s not alone.

You see it constantly these days, as the new communications technologies allow people to vent their spleens all over the world at the speed of light.  You see it over and over in the right wing echo chamber.  And you cannot help but flinch away at the sight of it, as though watching some mentally ill person on a street corner babbling away about the radio waves that tell the birds outside his house to eat his eyes at night while he sleeps.  Never mind the facts…here’s what we Know about The Homosexual Menace…!!!  Here’s what the liberal elites don’t want you to know about The International Homosexual Conspiracy…!!! Sometimes you hear this and you just know that the speaker doesn’t believe it any more then you do.  It’s cynical manipulation for one purpose or another.  But sometimes you look into the face of the speaker and you can tell they really believe that crap and nothing, Nothing, can make them see reason.  And you just want to look away, embarrassed.  You feel it instinctively; there is something inside, something deep within that makes us what we are, human, that is missing from this person.  There’s a step beyond bigot.

Hate did that to them.  It could have been hatred of The Jew, or Blacks or Women or Liberals.  It could have been the heathens in the church across the street.  It could have been that guy behind the counter at the corner store who talks with a funny accent.  It could have been anything.  It comes as a surprise to realize, finally, that the object of one’s hate does not matter to the hater.  Hate itself, eventually, becomes all that matters.

If you let it.  Hate does not share power.  Once you let it take root inside of you, it begins eliminating everything else within you that could possibly question it.  It takes your conscience, it takes your honor, it takes everything fine and noble you could have been and leaves nothing but an empty shell that hate can occupy, unchallenged, undisturbed.  And then all you can do for the rest of your life, is hate.