Here are the other things open in my browser that I didn’t have time to write about today. Read them and write me two pages on each, single spaced:

1. There’s some new ludicrous group of gay activists who are against marriage equality. Oh, you’re sooooo 90’s, sooooo Berkeley, sooooo counter-culture. Whatever. Grow up.

2. Wingnuts are trying to take away marriage equality rights in New Hampshire, because we must always remember that it is ALWAYS about hurting gay families for them, 24/7.

3. The “Institute on Religion and Democracy” is very upset with Hillary Clinton’s State Department for not protecting the rights of anti-gay genocidal thugs in Third World nations.

4. A new poll says that, even before DADT repeal, the LGBT community’s feelings about President Obama were a lot sunnier than a lot of people would have you believe.