Is Sarah Palin supportive of the repeal of DADT?  Has her Twitter been hi-jacked?  Did she see a tweet with lots of misspelled words and feel an emotional connection, regardless of content?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Yesterday, the uber-conservative lesbian radio host Tammy Bruce tweeted this, in a string of comments about DADT repeal:

But this hypocrisy is just truly too much. Enuf already–the more someone complains about the homos the more we should look under their bedabout 15 hours ago via webRetweeted by 95 people

And then Sarah Palin retweeted it:


So, what is she saying? Was “Sarah Palin” [you know she doesn’t run her own Twitter or Facebook] following Tammy’s conversation and agreeing with her about DADT repeal? Was she just being catty?

Max Read at Gawker points out that it’s a wee bit unprofessional for a politician [but not for a reality teevee star or a professional Facebooker!] to be using the word “homo,” even if she’s retweeting someone else, and then he breaks down the possibilities for us:

  • She is coming out in support of DADT repeal and gay rights.Bruce thinks that Palin is expressing her point of view on “DADT, treatment of gays & attempts to marginalize us.” Which isn’t out of the question—Palin is not, in the context of her party, rabidly homophobic, and her stance on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was limited to a sort of feeble “not right now” back in February. So, yes, maybe reality ungulate-shooter Sarah Palin is expressing her solidarity with gay soldier-types via microblogging. What a blow for the forces of freedom and openness!
  • She didn’t understand the Tweet. It’s not the most professional way to come out, so to speak, in support of DADT repeal, is it? (Though, Jesus, why am I looking for professionalism from this woman of all people? I mean—she would come out for gay rights in a way that would piss off a lot of gay people, wouldn’t she?) It’s possible she—whoever is in charge of the Official Palin Twitter—just, well, didn’t get the joke, or didn’t understand the Tweet at all.
  • She clicked the wrong button. Maybe! Though the re-Tweet’s been up an awful long time.
  • She thinks we should be looking for gay people hiding under beds.

I say there is absolutely no telling which one of those options is closest to the truth, because we are dealing with Sarah Palin here.

This happened yesterday, and the tweet remains up, so I’m guessing #3 is out, while #2 and #4 are distinct possibilities.

Well, whatever, I’m sure she’ll be on The Foxes “clarifying” the whole thing in a four-minute run-on sentence sans verbs in the next 24 hours.