This is Dan Savage’s husband Terry and one of their friends’ kids playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii.  As Dan points out, no adults are intervening!  Yes, watch this video below, and you will surely see why people like Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher and the lesser folk like Peter LaBarbera have given up their lives in order to fight the Gay Menace.

Dan adds:

We’ve moved so quickly from the gay-people-recruit-straight-people’s-children libel to gay people dancing around in straight people’s living rooms with their kids. The concernstipated women at the Concerned Women for America, the liars at Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, and the anti-family haters at Family Research Council—all officially designated hate groups now (I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of typing that)—are all very, very worried about teh gay agenda and the “creeping social acceptance of open homosexuality,” as they call it. To the haters I say: you’re losing and you’re losing badly—and not just in Congress or state legislatures or on cable news shoutfests. The most important battles you’re losing are taking place in living rooms all over the country.

Note:  CWA is actually not a designated hate group yet.  They were profiled, but not listed.  Otherwise, though, Dan makes a really good point that the anti-gay set doesn’t seem to be able to grasp.  They like to lump homosexuality in as “just another sin,” but the problem is and always has been that, for example, a person doesn’t feel better about murderers by hanging out with them and getting to know them.  A person doesn’t grow in acceptance of people who steal from others by living next door to thieves.  But when people get to know gay people better, we end up with a world where videos like that above become the norm, and everybody is better off for it.

This, I think, is why, despite their rhetoric, bigots so fiercely fight against homosexuality to the exclusion of everything else they consider sin.  They feel they must scream the loudest about it, in a desperate attempt to drown out the reality happening in living rooms, classrooms, churches, etc., every single day.  Every time a gay couple moves in across the street from a family who’s been previously on the fence about homosexuality, we win.  [Not that there aren’t crappy gay neighbors, of course.]  But as a general rule, when the gay couple moves in, or the woman in the next cubicle is honest about her marriage to her wife, and so on, we win.  This is a large part of why the trend lines Wayne wrote about this morning are going the way they’re going, and there’s no rational reason things would ever reverse course.

The bigots have lost.