I knew this was going to be fun, after the Fox News “comedy” show Red Eye made fun of Peter LaBarbera and all the other wingnuts crying about CPAC letting the gay conservatives at GOProud have a prominent role at the conference.

Well, Peter has responded, and she is not happy, y’all:

In the YouTube below, FOX Red Eye’s Greg Gutfeld tees off on Americans For Truth (and FRC + CWA) as “gay haters” using all the liberal, elitist talking points on homosexuality. Note how FOX analyst-babe Kimberly Guilfoyle — ex-wife of SF mayor Gavin Newsom — joins the fray, laughing at and agreeing with the putdowns, and arrogantly dismissing pro-family complaints about CPAC. I would have hoped that Guilfoyle, with all her legal training and Catholic schooling, would have at least challenged Gutfeld’s sophomoric thesis of Moral-Opposition-to-Homosexuality = “Hate” — even if only as a sop to FOX’s millions of faith-based viewers — but apparently that’s too much to ask.

Yep, Fox News made fun of you.

Ohhhhhh, gigglesticks!