In the nicest language possible, without using words like “disturbed” or “truly bizarre,” Dan Moore, an attorney and former adviser to failed Iowa gubernatorial candidate and known wingnut Bob Vander Plaats, has written a piece in the Des Moines Register where he addresses Vander Plaats’ strange crusade against the Iowa Supreme Court:

As a friend and former adviser on three of Bob Vander Plaats’ campaigns, I understood from Bob that he was done with campaigning against the courts after the retention vote Nov. 2. Yet his senseless attacks on the courts continue.

Bob is obsessed with the gay-marriage issue. He is so obsessed that he would rather see the Iowa judicial system destroyed, instead of pursuing a change in the law within the channels provided (a constitutional amendment). Iowa’s judicial system has been held in high regard by the entire United States. The Iowa judicial branch has a long history of exceptional service, distinguished and acclaimed decisions – and now it is being raked through the mud, disparaged, criticized and harangued daily.

I would like to ask all Iowans to step back and consider the gravity of what is now being proposed by Bob and other anti-court persons. They are suggesting that the four remaining Supreme Court justices be impeached. No justice in the state of Iowa has ever been impeached. Only 13 federal judges have been impeached in the history of the nation, and the impeachment proceedings were all based upon the commission of criminal acts.

The Iowa Supreme Court justices who wrote a unanimous opinion in Varnum committed no crime. To be impeached, a person must have committed a crime or engaged in malfeasance. When a justice works hard, researches the law, has legal assistants and law clerks research the law and issues a politically unpopular decision in one case, how can that possibly constitute “malfeasance”?

Yeah, that’s just the first part. He truly rips Vander Plaats apart.

Social conservatives don’t like our American system, because it doesn’t conform to their “ideas” about what society or governing should look like. They certainly don’t respect our Constitution — the easiest tip off to that is the way they all defensively wail about how much they love it — and their answer to pretty much anything that doesn’t go their way is to stomp their feet and cry, get people fired, etc.

Because they are babies.

That’s all I have to say about that.

[h/t Jason Hancock]