Tintin at Sadly, No! points us to this little fit of pout-rage from Tim Graham of Newsbusters, over the first gay bar in Fairfax County, VA, and the Washington Post‘s reporting on it:

The Washington Post celebrated the first gay bar in populous Fairfax County with a splashy front-page article headlined “Rainbow flag aloft, nightclub is Fairfax County’s first gay bar.” Next to the headline was a color picture of the drag queen “La Countess Farrington.” Reporter J. Freedom du Lac may want to celebrate, but it’s a poor choice of metaphors to compare the hot homosexual night spots to the crucifixion of Jesus. The inept religious metaphor came in comparing Virginia to DC:

Historically, of course, the center of gay nightlife in the region has been the District, where bars such as Apex, Town and Ziegfeld’s are like stations of the social cross.

Oh, no! Religious metaphors bad, especially when applied to gays! Also:

The Post article also included three more large color pictures inside on A-6. The Post also showed its favoritism by using what are surely overestimates of the gay population:

“I like the unique business opportunity,” Yen said. If there are 7,000 gays in Herndon and Reston, and 25,000 in Fairfax County (both numbers were guesses because there’s no reliable data, according to Gustafson), not to mention underserved gay people in Loudoun and Prince William counties, that seems to offer “great possibilities,” Yen said.

That refers to activist Sarah Gustafson, whose e-mail list for Equality Fairfax has only 900 names on it, so she’s somehow missed the other 24,100.

In stupid wingnut pea brain, all gays are on all mailing lists for all gay political organizations. Seriously, the DC metropolitan area is one of the gayest places in the country, and this dingus actually thinks there are only 900 gay people in the county. Tintin adds:

And he should know — he’s been looking for a few gays in Fairfax Country himself and so far has only found 3 or 4, mostly in shopping mall restrooms and behind rest stops.

Probably.  Tintin further adds:

(If you don’t think that Timmy has likely been on the down low, watch this video. You don’t even need gaydar to pick up on the fact that Timmy buys Men’s Health just for the pictures. I mean this guy could lisp the word “banana.”)

Lines like that are why we keep Tintin around.  The rest of the piece is Tim whining that no bigots were asked for their opinions on the gay bar.  Guess he’ll just have to stew about that until the next time he gets his panties in a wad about some non-issue or another.