Comments sections at wingnut websites are always pretty funny, so I tend to question the logic of “Brian Fitzpatrick,” writing for WingNutDaily, when he chose to print a bunch of reader comments on the whiny Army Lieutenant Colonel who is simply so bigoted and fearful of gays that he’s asked to be relieved of his command, rather than have to confront whatever demons it is that inhabit him. But Brian Fitzpatrick highlighted them first, so I’ll just follow his lead. Here, y’all! It’s WingNutDaily readers, attempting to use words, mucking it up the whole way! Mock on!

The Department of Defense survey that was used as grounds to repeal DADT began by specifically saying that if DADT is repealed, the military would not lower standards for personal behavior. If we are to believe the authors of the survey, then all the repeal of DADT means is that people who are tempted to engage in gay sex will be allowed to enlist but they will still not be allowed to engage in that immoral behavior. If these sections of the Uniform Code of Military Justice were removed, it would constitute a betrayal of the assurances that all service members were given when they completed that survey.

Nice try!

I am a retired Navy chief petty officer who served 20 years continuous active service. When I wrote my two senators, I told them that those knuckleheads forcing this law on the military have never, and I mean never, been asleep in a bunk and been awakened by a hand slowly moving around your “junk” or perhaps kissing you on various parts of your body.

It was the greatest night of his life, but he totally missed Reveille that day.

Do you think the military will rebel against the homosexuals in service when the barracks become hotbeds of same-sex orgies in rooms that are all pastel pink? I can see the draft coming back into force because people like my grandson, who is putting his life on the line so the queers can join up, has already said he will give up his career in the Marines if DADT is repealed. I am thinking he will be looking for a job as soon as his enlistment is up.

“Hot-beds of same-sex orgies”? Why do these people always assume that gays are so much more powerful than straight people [superheroes capable of upending the entire military, even], yet simultaneously big wussies who will paint everything pink? BECAUSE WE’RE BOTH. At least in the wingnut mind. This, again, for serious, is why “homophobia” is such an appropriate word for anti-gay nonsense: at the root of all their anger, their opposition, their schoolyard bullying tactics, is abject fear. More on that here.

When you consider the problems occurring in the French military, and in other European militaries, as well as the experiences of Australia’s military, you have to consider the fact that none of those countries has been as thoroughly inculcated with Christian values as our own, and all have had a far more “laissez faire” attitude toward homosexuality in general, than we ever have, yet they have had to make room for special units to control their problems. … As a Christian man myself, I strongly suspect we cannot keep a military, with this policy, without reverting to a draft, and I know I would not accept being drafted into an openly gay military, it would not happen, I would take up arms and march on Washington first. As a retired Marine, I can no longer suggest the armed forces as a career or even as a temporary start for life, but have to call it for what it has been turned in to, and what it will become.

“Valiant Marine” whose fear of gays far outweighs his love of country?

I am a captain in the medical corps of the U.S. Navy, with 25 years active duty, and significant time assigned in Marine units. I have observed an interesting behavioral shift in communal showers that is very clearly generational. Older guys like myself, who grew up when homosexuals were firmly in the closet, tend to be very unself-conscious. When we finish our shower, we throw the curtain to one side, grab our towel, and begin to dry off. We step out buck naked into the center area to get our clothes off the bench, and begin dressing. If anyone is watching, we are generally unconscious of it and take no notice. Not so with the younger generation that is highly conscious of homosexuals because they have grown up being constantly confronted with the issue. When the younger generation finish a shower, the curtain is moved a few inches to the side, and an arm will snake out to grab the towel on the hook. The towel disappears back into the stall and the curtain closes. When toweling stops, the soldier/sailor/marine emerges with the towel wrapped around his waist. Invariably, the first article of clothing donned is the athletic shorts, which are pulled up under the towel, which is only removed when the shorts are in place. The younger guys are very conscious of the possibility that some queer is secretly checking them out and it makes them very nervous to potentially be the object of another guy’s sexual interest. Times have changed, and for the worse.

Man, that wingnut has spent a lot of time observing men in military showers. Is that part of his medical certification, or is it extracurricular? Sounds like he’s bitterly bitching about the Good Old Days when guys let it fly for everybody to see, dontcha think?

Okay, there are so many more fun comments where that came from, so click the clicky and enjoy the wingnut psychosis on prominent display!

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UPDATE: I somehow missed this comment on WND the first time around and it’s too funny not to post here:

I’m afraid Obama is overlooking a serious element to this matter. I’m referring, of course, to the reception open gays could meet in the military as enlisted personnel. I know something about this, NOT because I was gay (I wasn’t/am not) but when 20 I looked like one. I was super skinny (109 lbs) and I suspect that my slim face could have been made “pretty” with makeup.