This is not an issue of “different legitimate approaches to the same problem.” On one side, we have gay-supportive people who want to protect all children, and on the other, we have fundamentalists who somehow think they can play cute and protest the inclusion of sexual orientation in anti-bullying programs, but somehow pretend they actually care about all children. Tom Prichard of the Minnesota Family Council opens his smug, uninformed mouth again:

“We stand with the victims of bullying, whoever they are, that this needs to be addressed,” Prichard tells OneNewsNow. “It is a problem in different situations and we need to go after it — but we need to do it in the appropriate way that we don’t create more problems than already exist.”

He is uneasy about the recommendation by the Minnesota School Board Association, telling the Star Tribune that singling out sexual orientation “often leads to use of curriculum which promotes homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage.” He expresses similar concerns to OneNewsNow.

“Our concern has been there’s been efforts to utilize that as a vehicle by some of the gay activists to get into the schools and to teach and affirm homosexuality and a homosexual behavior and lifestyle,” he shares. “And we think that goes beyond just addressing the bullying issue to an advocacy role.”

Indeed, when they started specifically including race in these policies, it started us down a slippery slope to the present day, as Minnesota students are taught every single day how to be African-American. One could even say that it’s shoved down the kids’ throats.

Again: There is a reason we quote these people verbatim.  Left in the murky, intellectually bereft pages of OneNewsNow, the “news arm” of the hate group known as the American Family Association, perhaps a few thousand people will read Prichard’s words.  But when exposed to any sane person, any person to the left of Genghis Khan, it does nothing but help the causes of LGBT equality and protecting all our kids, because really, y’all, this is what the other side is like.