You decide.

The following is a 12-minute excerpt of one of many WEEKLY videos produced by executive officer Owen Honors on government video-production equipment, on government time, and shown to a largely captive audience of 6,000 sailors and Marines on the U.S.S. Enterprise during 2006-2007 deployment for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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Female and gay servicemembers are required to live, work, share quarters, and take orders from the creator of this video and those who aided in its production and broadcast.

  • To what extent does this video facilitate respect, discipline, and unit cohesion in the ranks?
  • To what extent does this video, produced via the ship’s public-affairs office, foster respect for human dignity?
  • Does the video serve to degrade or defame some servicemembers?
  • Does this officially produced and funded video uphold the honor and professionalism of the armed services?


NBC News reports on the controversy.

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