GarciaTruth Wins Out rarely comments on the policies of other LGBT organizations. We have enough to do fighting anti-gay religious extremism and the “ex-gay” myth, without sticking our noses in the business of others.

However, we will comment on the controversial firing of legendary activist Rick Garcia at Equality Illinois. He was unceremoniously let go right before the organization’s big fundraiser and prior to the holidays. He deserved better treatment.

I don’t know the inside scoop on what happened in Chicago, so I will not address it. Organizational politics can be complicated, emotional, and messy.

But, I will say that every time Truth Wins Out had important work to do in Chicago, Rick Garcia was there to help. He invited me to speak at a press conference at the State House to counter a hate event organized by Porno Pete LaBarbera. Years later, Garcia helped us (as well as the wonderful Gay Liberation Network) with our Dump Dobson protest after Focus on the Family’s founder was honored in the Radio Hall of Fame.

Again, I hesitate to speak out on Equality Illinois personnel matters. But, I will say that from our perspective, Rick Garcia will be greatly missed. He was continuously and consistently an ally we could rely on. We wish EI would reconsider its decision and try to mend fences, if at all possible. LGBT activism in Chicago without Garcia is like Christmas without Santa — it is simply unthinkable.