alanweirdWhere is Exodus International hibernating lately?

The organization has seemingly been AWOL for much of 2010, briefly emerging for events that are most notable for their declining attendance from previous years. The only sign of a pulse has been the organization’s vanity blog, which sluggishly pens about one or two short items a day.

However, even these paltry efforts have dried up, with Exodus not posting on its blog since Dec. 16. Considering Exodus claims that it converts “hundreds of thousands” of so-called “ex-gays”, it seems irresponsible for the group’s leaders to take such a noticeably early holiday break. Where will the cold, huddled “ex-gay” masses go to get their daily fix of heterosexuality to keep themselves out of the warm Randy Thomasbathhouse steam?

Sure, I know that Randy Thomas and Alan Chambers spend a lot of time in church during the holiday season. But, really, the entire organization needs 10 days to prepare for Christmas church services? That’s more time than the Pope needs!

Hmm, it sure must be nice to be an activist in the “ex-gay” lifestyle. It’s like being a highly paid, under-worked actor that doesn’t have to wait tables and gets a remarkable amount of time off . Is Exodus taking applications?

If you have any ides where the missing “ex-gay” activists might be, please let us know ASAP!!