In an attempt to explain away the tide of history, some writer named Peter Smith at LifeSiteNews is making excuses and coming up flat out wrong on why social conservatives are losing their ability to convince the still-alive generations of Americans to hate gay people:

These events [DADT repeal] should set off alarm bells for cultural conservatives: the message [hatin’ on the gays] is no longer resonating the way it did in 1993.


Conservative analyst John Guardiano argues at the Daily Caller that when it comes to “blame,” conservatives should look no further than themselves.

Social conservatives deserve to lose the culture war, he says, because many “pathetically inarticulate and tongue-tied” conservative leaders and journalists are failing to connect with the American people and make a persuasive case against politically and rhetorically savvy “gay rights” activists.

Guardiano lays bare the embarrassing, illogical rhetoric of the well-intentioned (but painfully wrong) Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and the intellectual vacuity of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) to make his point.

“Instead of avoiding so-called gay rights, ‘marriage equality,’ and issues of religious liberty and federalism, conservatives need to learn to talk about these issues with the same level of political skill, dexterity and sophistication that they talk about, say, taxes and missile defense,” he says.

Uh, they lie about taxes and missile defense, and they lie about gay people. The difference is that more and more Americans understand gay people because they know gay people, live with gay people, next to gay people, work with gay people, etc. Meanwhile, most Americans couldn’t explain marginal tax rates if you were aiming a missile at their heads.

The politicians and the American people no longer get why retaining the 1993 law was either good for the troops or good for the country.

Yeah, neither do the troops or the Joint Chiefs or the Pentagon report…god, it’s too bad social conservatives don’t have any outlets for their brilliant “messaging”!  Somebody must be “silencing” them.

For most Americans, homosexuality is a very abstract concept. A look into the details of the lifestyle and its health consequences confirms fairly quickly that homosexual behavior is physically, sexually, emotionally destructive.

Actually, sadly, no. Again, it’s that for more and more Americans every single day, homosexuality is anything BUT abstract! Kids are coming out younger and younger, and there is more education than ever on the subject. Moreover, “homosexual behavior is physically, sexually, emotionally destructive” only in wingnut fantasy journals where up is down and Jesus rode a dinosaur into Jerusalem. It’s the harsh light of reality you’re fighting against, dude.

Anyway, for the rest of the piece, he cries about Will & Grace a little bit, and then he takes a Sad Nap in a puddle of tears, the end.