The Congressional repeal of the ban on open service by LGBT Americans in the armed services dealt a serious blow to the un-Christian Right.

For the alpha male of the wolfpack, Family Research Council, it was the second serious blow in just a few months: FRC had already been warned that in 2011 it will be classified as a hate group due to its repeated assertion of deliberate and malicious falsehoods instead of truths in public debate. Now the successful repeal suggests to would-be donors that FRC is politically incompetent.

To rally their remaining forces, FRC and Jerry Falwell’s Liberty Counsel are leading the members of the far-right “(anti)Freedom Federation” — a cabal of undemocratic groups that seek to abolish the constitutional rights of religious and sexual minorities — in a campaign to sue anyone who stands in their way.

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How’s that for irony? The same groups that claim to oppose activist judges and lawyers are openly counting upon activist judges to save them.

Such a strategy may seem doomed to failure — after all, Congress finally repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell because if they didn’t, they knew that the courts would repeal DADT for them.

But the (anti)Freedom Foundation’s strategy is not solely intended to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The group’s campaign of legal harassment against minority servicemembers serves long-term objectives of the far right:

  • politicize the judiciary
  • exploit media attention to specific legal cases to focus public attention upon anecdotal cases in which antigay Christians claim to be victimized by the denial of their right to deny rights to others
  • encourage rabid Tea Partiers and theocrats to vote responsible judges out of office, as happened this year in Iowa
  • use legal threats and public pressure to intimidate local and state officials into disregarding federal law
  • outspend or shout-down the defense in selected court cases, resulting in scattered victories on technicalities which will be greatly publicized through news media that uncritically grant free soapboxes to FRC
  • foster a climate in the armed services in which evangelical Christians and anti-Semites continue to demand and receive special privileges
  • intimidate religious and sexual minorities in the armed services through bullying rather than official policy

Each of the following organizations has signed onto the Freedom Federation and is therefore complicit in the federation’s “full mobilization” against the armed services and against the rights of religious minorities. In the coming months, each organization and each of its leaders must be aggressively called out and repudiated for their contempt toward the nation’s defense, the U.S. judiciary, equal opportunity, and democratic values.