Here’s some other interesting stuff:

1.  Not satisfied with the successful campaign to have a democratic temper tantrum and impeach three of the Iowa judges who correctly found that gay couples were entitled to equal marriage rights, the mouthbreathing children in the Iowa legislature now want to impeach the other four justices on their Supreme Court.

2.  That crazy lady Gina Miller, who I’ve highlighted before, is back, saying that the repeal of DADT is part of the Left’s plan to destroy the military.  This is obviously what Israel had in mind when they started allowing openly gay people to serve back in the 1990’s, because if there’s one thing Israel doesn’t care about, it’s her military force.  This quote made me LOL:

I’m certain some of you believe this is the most far-fetched thing you’ve ever heard, but would you have believed 20 years ago that our government would take over car companies and banks and force socialized medicine on America, completely against our will?

Uh, the government saved the American auto industry, and only the dumbest person in the entire world would call our new health bill “socialized medicine.”

I’m not saying these things about our military to be sensational…

Nah, she really believes them.  To all the kids reading:  stay in school!

3.   There is actually a column at the wingnut site RenewAmerica that is supportive of DADT repeal.  OMG.  Matt Barber is going to pee.

4.  Some other wingnut named Jan Mickelson [butch name, dude] is encouraging his AM radio listeners to leave the military/never sign up, due to gays.  He doesn’t hate gays, he says.  But apparently our military just isn’t worth supporting if gays can join!  So much for the faux patriotism of the garden variety American wingnut.

I wonder how long they can keep their temper tantrum over DADT repeal going.  Really, I do.  I suspect it’s going to be like the crying toddler that finally gives up and goes to sleep like Mommy and Daddy said two hours ago.