You probably remember the story of Lisa Howe, who turned the women’s soccer program around at uber-Christian Belmont University, in Nashville.  She was essentially terminated when the school found out she was a lesbian and that moreover, she and her partner were having a baby.  Belmont is trying to walk a fine line between being a respected institution of higher learning, while also finding a way to preserve the Christian value of irrational, uneducated bigotry.  It’s so hard to do both these days in a first world nation.

Anyway, Lisa and some of her players talked to ESPN about it, and what I love about this video is that her girls seem to be universally supportive of her.  Enjoy this glimpse of your present and your future, fundamentalists.  These are students at a conservative Christian college, and they’re all pissed off at their administration for discriminating against a person they know, love and respect who happens to be a lesbian.

[h/t HuffPost]

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