Pull out your tiny violins:

The U.S. Senate is hours, or perhaps a day, away from what I believe is the most important congressional vote on homosexuality ever taken in the USA: a bill that would Repeal the existing ban on open homosexuality in the military [Call your Senators: 202-224-3121]. If we lose and the Repeal goes forward, it will usher in a sea-change of pro-homosexual political correctness — not just on our Armed Forces, but on the rest of society, as a Brave, New, ‘Gay’-affirming Military will be held up as the new “civil rights” paradigm for the rest of America (God help us). The Homosexual Lobby knows what is at stake, which is why they have been pounding Capitol Hill for weeks on the Repeal. Unfortunately, not enough conservatives and people of faith understand the critical importance of this vote.

Yeah, a lot of conservatives have gay family members and friends and that’s why half of them realize that Peter’s moo-ing is a bunch of dishonest crap.

As sure as New Years Day follows Christmas, the Homosexual Lobby would seize upon this (giant) opening and push for more and more pro-homosexuality policy changes in the military — including same-sex partner benefits, “married” housing for homosexual Service members, sweeping pro-gay “diversity” propaganda for our troops, etc. What a Christmas “gift” for our military men and women! (More like a huge, rainbow-striped lump of coal.) Please pray and do all you can to oppose this radical legislation!

Personally, I’d rather we stop kicking out servicemembers who are as qualified [or, in the case of the myriad Arabic translators kicked out for being gay, with whose help we might have been able to stop Wingnut Christmas 9/11, more qualified] as anyone else to serve and protect this country.

But people like Peter and Tony Perkins are less concerned with our national security than they are with protecting their worldview from the harsh light of reality, which includes gay people.

Oh, and even though it’s irrelevant, as neither of them are in the military, Peter decided to go ahead and use Jeremy Hooper’s wedding picture in his post.  Why?  Because in Peter’s mind, that’s a terrifying picture, while to growing majorities of Americans, the reaction is “awwww.”

Sorry, Peter.  Y’all have lost.  Get jobs.