What the hell:

A transgender woman is asking for a temporary restraining order against a California Department of Motor Vehicles employee who allegedly wrote her a letter condemning her to hell.

Amber Yust told HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell on Wednesday night that she got the letter after she went to a San Francisco DMV office in October and successfully changed her name from David to Amber and updated the gender on her license.


“I have learned that the reason for the vast majority of gender change operations is the client’s homosexual orientation,” the letter dated October 22 states. “The homosexual act is an abomination that leads to hell.”

The writer also said the state’s recognition of the name change is “evil.”


Yust said she also got a pamphlet from a church, which she said contained offensive material directed at her sexual orientation and gender. Yust said the church is mentioned in the DMV employee’s letter as “critical information for your salvation.”

According to Yust’s attorney, this isn’t the first time this employee has acted out in regard to LGBT people.

This is what we’re talking about when we say that if your “deeply held beliefs” interfere with your ability to perform at work, you need to find a different job. Usually it’s a pharmacist who thinks that it’s okay to pick and choose which medicines to disperse, or a counselor who thinks it’s okay to flout all the standards and practices of the profession and replace them with religious beliefs about sexuality. Usually, menial labor jobs aren’t a probem, but in this case, it seems like this person needs to find work where communicating with people is not even a remote risk.

If the allegations pan out, fire ’em, San Francisco.

UPDATE: Never mind, he quit.