In a piece about Marine Corps commandant Gen. James F. Amos’s strange obsession with gay people, Jonathan Capehart explains that it’s not openly gay Marines Amos should be worried about:

Ridiculous, right? Marines who can’t handle serving alongside someone who was closeted on Monday and then comes out on Tuesday are the one Amos should be worried about. They are the ones who will lack discipline. They are the ones who will wreck unit cohesion. They are the ones who will harm morale.

Yes. Regardless of their personal reasons for losing their stones over the prospect of gays in their proximity, those are the ones who lack the good sense and discipline to be Marines.

Of course, it’s possible that Amos, unlike his counterparts in the other branches, could be one of those Marines Capehart is describing:

[M]aybe Amos would rather cling to outdated and bigoted views than follow his commander in chief, the defense secretary, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the American people, whose safety and liberty his able Marines are sworn to protect.