Let me experiment with a new feature, since I often, at the end of the day, have approximately 50,000 tabs open, all of which are interesting, and none of which I will remember to write about, due to the fact that the next day will bring new stories about gays and stuff. Here are some links I have found interesting, and which you might also find interesting!

1. Interesting analysis at Politico of the changing strategy of wealthy donor/fundraiser Tim Gill, and how his political work, which used to be very behind the scenes, is now much more out in the open. Part of what’s really fascinating is that we’re now on the offense, and instead of support for gay rights hurting politicians, it’s the lack of support that’s proving in some areas to be the deal-breaker.

2. California state senator Mark Leno, who is openly gay, has introduced a bill to include gay civil rights history in textbooks. Might as well, since in twenty years, kids will be learning about how a well-funded cabal of bigots wasted their lives trying to hurt gay people, much like the segregationists of the past.

3. Disgusted by the anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, AND anti-gay bigotry that are the hallmarks of the modern GOP, the founder of Muslims for Bush has switched parties. This is what I’m talking about when I fight back against the anti-Muslim bigotry that’s often found within the gay community…when you cling to such lazy black/white positions such as “Mooozelems wanna kill gays, Mooozelems bad!”, you’re forgetting that indeed, many Muslims, especially those who have been living in the West for years, are making the same strides toward becoming more progressive on social issues that the rest of the population is.

Okay, so read those articles and tell me what you’ve learned.