This is from last week, so if it’s old news to you, I Am Sorry, but I just ran across it, and as is usual with the mouthbreathing imbecile Bryan Fischer, I’m laughing too hard not to mock it thoroughly:

“That one puff on that cigarette could be the one that causes your heart attack,” said Surgeon General Regina Benjamin.

As long as we’re on the subject of health, what the surgeon general did not say but should have is that the same is true of homosexual behavior: the first act of gay sex can be the one that kills you.

Of course, the same can be said of the first act of straight sex, even if you’re married by Bryan Fischer’s Christian standards. If he’s HIV-infected, she can get it.

While drugs have been found to mitigate the damage done by HIV, there is no cure. Once someone contracts it, he has it for life, a life often tragically shortened by between eight and 20 years, according to the International Journal of Epidemiology.

Smoking will cut six to seven years from the lifespan of the smoker, meaning a cigarette habit is less dangerous to human health and longevity than gay sex.

Yes, the Idaho rube Bryan Fischer actually thinks all gay men have/will get HIV, when in reality it’s only a small number. Rates are much higher in sub-Saharan Africa, where it’s spread mostly through Godly Heterosexual Contact. As always with Bryan the question is: is he stupid or evil? Stupid or evil? Looking at his picture, I’m inclined to go with the former. Regardless, he’s a liar, so there’s that.

According to the Associated Press, “[T]here is no safe level of exposure to cigarette smoke.” Same goes for participation in gay sex – there is simply “no safe level of exposure.”

Actually, as long as neither partner is infected, Hot Hard Gay Sex is extremely safe, and moreover, FUN!

Here’s an idea: since gay sex is more dangerous to human health than cigarette smoking [sic], let’s make sure our public policies on both are the same.

All right, you have to be 18, but if somebody else buys the gay sex for you, you’re free to do it younger. BUT, and this is important: No gay sex in restaurants unless the establishment owner has a permit. Otherwise, you have to have all your gay sex outside, and at least 20-30 feet from all building entrances. Corporations are free to sex up designated homo sexytime areas.

Oh, and no gay sex in airports. Sorry, Larry Craig!

Okay, I’m done. Anyway, so that was Bryan Fischer, in his trademark remedial way, calling for the criminalization of homosexuality. This is why the American Family Association is a SPLC-certified hate group.