Music time! Another one of those weeks where I had the song I wanted to start with all planned and ready, but then I started listening to Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” last night and found it so newly poignant that I had to use it. But I’m going to use the other one too, because I’ve been listening to a lot of wintry/holiday music, and I ran across this incredible thing by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson called “Winter Song,” and it’s too beautiful not to post. So “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” “Winter Song,” hit shuffle on the iTunes Jukebox Machine, see where we are ten songs later, and then I have an art opening to go to, so see ya. More videos after the jump:

1. Brandi Carlile – “Dying Day”
2. Ferraby Lionheart – “A Bell And Tumble”
3. Deer Tick – “Baltimore Blues No. 1”
4. The Posies [ft. Kay Hanley] – “The Glitter Prize”
5. Patty Griffin – “Poor Man’s House”
6. Katie Herzig – “I Want To Belong To You”
7. The Corin Tucker Band – “Doubt”
8. Tori Amos – “Flavor”
9. Cale Parks – “Every Week Ends”
10. Leonard Bernstein – Suite from the opera A Quiet Place:  Postlude to Act I

That Brandi Carlile song comes up all the time, but that’s fine. It can come up as much as it wants, as far as I’m concerned.  Don’t miss the Katie Herzig song under any circumstances.

Katie Herzig – “I Want To Belong To You”

Leonard Bernstein – Suite from the opera ‘A Quiet Place’: Postlude to Act I

Here’s a really cool live video of Brandi Carlile doing “Dying Day.”  During her tour, she’s been doing this song completely unplugged, no mics, nothing, and it’s not like Brandi plays especially small venues.  Her voice is just that big.  I love it.