Because that is what people like Elaine Donnelly do.  They lie:

“The U.S. Senate did not allow itself to be bullied into passing legislation that would be harmful to our military,” said Elaine Donnelly, founder and president of the Center for Military Readiness. “This was not just a procedural vote, this was a substantive vote. It’s time for President Obama and his administration to let this issue go.”

Nope. Elaine’s four fans might trust her, and that’s their problem. But she’s lying to protect them from the fact that, as Jeremy points out,

There were several votes on the 40 “nay” side who said they would’ve voted for repeal under different procedural circumstances. Who openly support repeal SUBSTANTIVELY, but who would not follow the PROCEDURE before them. We only needed three of them (two, if Blanche Lincoln’s vote had counted) to put this conversation to rest FOR GOOD. Unfortunately, partisan obstructionism won out.

All you have to do to be aware of that is, like, watch the news occasionally. Elaine trusts that her fans are low-information voters, which is typical for the wingnut world. The contempt they hold for the people that respect them, who trust them for information, is amazing.