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David Bahati is an evil monster and should be treated accordingly if his genocidal “Kill the Gays” bill passes. The moment it becomes law, we must document the atrocities so we can prosecute Bahati for crimes against humanity. Uganda must be turned into a pariah state.

Mr. Bahati, if you are reading this, I want to make it clear that you are going to lose. This will not end well for you. If you are going to behave like a genocidal tyrant, you will most likely suffer the fate of most genocidal tyrants.

As for the Americans in The Family, you will be held accountable and considered accomplices for such crimes. Your lives will never be the same and you will become defined and dogged by this controversy. If this passes, I serious doubt The Family will survive the negative publicity and the National Prayer Breakfast will be on borrowed time.

The choice is yours. Act like blood thirsty genocidal murderers and get treated as such by the international community and all civilized nations and people.