And now you can watch it right here!

Steve Doocy is, of course, probably the dumbest person in “journalism,” if you’re not counting his Fox & Friends co-hosts.  Tony Perkins is the lying, malicious, fey leader of a large hate group.  And here they are, with their proverbial pants down, expressing their love for each other:

Priscilla at NewsHounds has a great play by play narration of the wanking, with reality tossed in for clarification:

Good Christian conservative and “Mr. Happy” Steve Doocy immediately set the agitprop in motion for the spectacularly one sided segment: “If you are part of a conservative group then you’re in a hate group according to a left wing organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center.” Agitprop chyron: “Conservative Groups Targeted? SPLC Designated Family Research Council As Hate Group.” Naturally Doocy didn’t mention that the SPLC made this designation as a result of things like promoting the lie that gay behavior is linked to pedophilia and advocating the criminalization of homosexuality. Doocy echoed (and didn’t acknowledge) Meese’s comment that “they have even put the Family Research Council in the same category as the KKK.” Doocy asked “how does that happen?” (Maybe because their demonization of gays contributes to a culture of gay baiting and bashing?) When he introduced Perkins, Doocy said, in his typically “befuddled” way, “the Family Research Council is a hate group?” (No shit, Sherlock. In opposing anti-bullying laws and programs, they accuse gays of “exploiting” gay suicides for the “gay agenda”) Perkins claimed that the SPLC “made a distinction” by saying that his group isn’t like the other hate groups. (Oh, really. Mark Potok of the SPLC said that the FRC is “the hardcore of the anti-gay religious right” as opposed to the more “moderate” Focus on the Family.) Doocy nodded in agreement when Perkins said that “the left is losing the debate over public policy…as evidenced in the election held last week.” (Uh, Tony, social issues represented only a small part of why voters turned out Democrats. The economy was the #1 issue.) He accused the left of wanting to shut down debate on gay marriage and then cited the number of states who have voted against it. Doocy mentioned how the FRC is accused of being anti-gay. (No shit, Sherlock!) Perkins then referenced the bogus “research” that his group puts out “that suggests that homosexual behavior is harmful to society and the individual….” Want a chuckle? Perkins claimed that his research is peer reviewed. The SPLC proves otherwise. To Doocy’s question of whether Perkins hates gays, Pekins – ready for it? – said “not at all” but his job is to “preserve the family” and that labels don’t bother him. Steve smiled as Perkins was speaking. Perkins said that this shows that the SPLC is a “very marginal group” and that they should retract their statement. Doocy said “right.” Agitprop chyron was straight of the “American Taliban” playbook: “FRC Fights Back: Smear Campaign by the SPLC.” Perkins said that he will produce information that “a lot of Americans stand with us and the free speech that they represent and the freedom of religion which, I think, they want to take away.”

The easiest way to tell when Tony Perkins is lying is when his mouth is open, basically.  Or when he’s typing.  I do think that his latest line about the “left losing the debate” on gay issues is hilarious, though, because it’s so desperately unhinged from reality.

Also, it is hilarious that he refers to the SPLC as a “marginal group.”  If it was a marginal group, Tony Perkins and his compatriots in hate wouldn’t be crying like such babies right now.

Tony:  saying it won’t make it so.  Y’all have lost.  Now we’re just waiting for the actuarial tables to catch up.