For years we’ve been seeing “test cases” of homosexuals pushing the legal envelope to force their degenerate lifestyle choice on the rest of us. Periodically we read about homosexuals suing small business owners—often Christian small business owners—for not bowing to the homosexuals’ demands, whatever they may be. These test cases are getting more and more outrageous, and now we have one of the most over-the-top examples yet of homosexuality gone wild, and it’s certainly no surprise that it comes out of San Francisco.

Homosexuality gone wild!

The case is of a man who had himself surgically mutilated in the delusional desire to “become a woman,” and who proceeded to sue the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) for not allowing him to compete in their tournaments. He claims that under California law, his “civil rights” are being violated by not being allowed to play with the women. Before the lawsuit is even done, the LPGA, rather than fight this insanity with the voice of reason and truth, has instead chosen to cave in and join the delusion by voting to allow so-called “transgendered” men to join the LPGA. The lawsuit, which was filed in October in San Francisco by a former police officer and SWAT team member who now calls himself Lana Lawless, is still ongoing, but LPGA members voted preemptively to strike from their constitution the requirement that members be female at birth.

That’s not homosexuality gone wild. Transgenderism gone wild!

It’s not just the media that have signed on to this mass delusion, but the courts have also stepped right up to “validate” what could never actually be. You may recall back about a year and a half ago, Sonny Bono and Cher’s daughter Chastity Bono had a so-called “sex change” operation. Afterward, this past May, she proceeded to go to court to legally change her name and her gender. That’s preposterous enough, but the so-called judge didn’t blink an eye in declaring that the woman Chastity Bono is now officially and legally the “man” Chaz Bono. As I said, this world is truly insane, but I for one will not sign on to that insanity.

Chaz Bono gone wild!

This man and ones like him need help, not false validation. There are plenty of resources to rescue people who are trapped in the iron clutches of homosexuality. Exodus International is one resource ministry, and Love Won Out is another. And there are others that are always ready and waiting to offer the love, freedom and the power of Christ to help people escape homosexuality. Of course it’s not easy, but with God on your side, all things are possible, according to His will.

It’s funny because the medical community says otherwise. This is the equivalent of eschewing medical treatment for your child and trying to pray away cancer, then being surprised when the child dies.

Also, again, this is an entire wingnut article about “the homosexual agenda” which is entirely about a transgender person. This is surprising, considering the esteemed bio provided by the writer:

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