From AOL News:

The House’s new Republican leadership will begin doling out coveted committee chairs after the Thanksgiving break, and it’s unclear whether Rep. John Shimkus is helping his chances to lead the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee by arguing that climate change is a myth because God told Noah he would never again destroy the Earth by flood.

Shimkus, an Illinois Republican, who won his seventh term this month, earned a dubious bit of YouTube notoriety in March 2009 when he told a subcommittee hearing on energy and the environment that we needn’t worry about global warming because of Genesis 8:21-22. In that passage, Noah emerges from the ark, sacrifices some birds and beasts to God, and in turn earns God’s pledge: “Never again will I curse the ground because of man.”

If America puts knuckle-dragging savages like this in positions of power, we can kiss our standing in the world goodbye. (Or what’s left of it post-Bush era). We simply can’t take such people seriously if we expect to succeed as a nation. The rise of goons like Shimkus will be the downfall of  our civilization.

Wake up America!  Look who the GOP is elevating to make decisions that influence our lives.