Things like this are why Bryan Fischer got the AFA landed on the SPLC hate group list.

Uganda has dramatically reduced its HIV/AIDS infection rate by telling its folks to practice abstinence before marriage and fidelity afterwards. Abstinence and fidelity work every time they are tried, and the beauty is they don’t cost taxpayers a dime.

Lie. Uganda implemented a very comprehensive program that included abstinence education, but also included education on testing, condom use, and a number of other things. Also, regardless of that, abstinence education programs cost money. So, here we have a case where Bryan Fischer’s lying is special for how remarkably stupid it is. Moving on:

Since we know the cause of AIDS and the way to slow down the epidemic, if we spend any taxpayer funds at all it ought to be on education: don’t start engaging in homosexual behavior, and if you have started, stop.

In other words, the same approach we take to kids and smoking.

Actually, AIDS can be transmitted via heterosexual sex as well, but that’s not the point. Rubes like Bryan Fischer cling to their bigoted notion that gay sex causes AIDS, which is a complete lie, as HIV doesn’t just magically manifest when two men come together for sexytime. One has to be infected and then engage in unprotected sex. So “homosexual behavior” doesn’t have jack squat to do with HIV, Bryan. Put it this way:

1. There is almost no incidence of HIV among lesbians. So there’s half your “homosexual behavior.” Indeed, if a woman were to choose which gender to sleep with based simply on the risk of contracting HIV, she’s statistically better off having HOT LESBIAN SEX every single time.

2. Two monogamous gay men, neither of whom are infected, can have HOT GAY SEX with each other every night, unprotected, and will never contract HIV, because they weren’t infected in the first place.

So, if we have compassion and a desire to protect people from the spread of this epidemic, we can either choose the childish fundamentalist strategy of wishin’ and hopin’ that nobody, anywhere, will ever have sex for any reason other than lights-off procreative purposes, or we can be adults and continue to fund AIDS research and treatment in the hopes that one day in the not too distant future, the disease will be relegated to the history books.

Meanwhile, private and mostly Christian charities will continue to provide comfort care to AIDS patients whose lives are being drained away by this deadly disease. And they will do so willingly, motivated by the compassion of Christ.

As exemplified by Bryan Fischer?

Surely we will be accused of lacking compassion.

Can’t imagine why.

You want to know who the true hate groups in America are, the ones who are sending the most hateful message to gays, there they are. Pro-family groups are trying to save the same people that the gay lobby is consigning to an early death.

They are so butthurt about being labeled as hate groups. It’s an absolute, unmitigated joy to watch. “I know you are but what am I, and why is my backwards Christian fundamentalist worldview becoming so difficult to defend with a straight face?”

Anyway. If you want to read the parts I skipped, knock yourself out.

[h/t TPMMuckraker]