Music time!  Sometimes I have no idea where I’m going to start the mix until the moment I start working on this post.  This week was not one of those times.  Ask anyone who’s been around me the past two weeks what I have been listening to incessantly, and they would say “the new Girl Talk.”  If you do not know Girl Talk, it is time for you to know Girl Talk.  He’s a mash-up DJ, but somehow that moniker doesn’t quite seem to do him justice.  This isn’t cheap DJ crap.  The way Girl Talk constructs his mixes is nothing short of genius, and he separates himself by pulling from so many genres, so many eras, that the listener literally has no idea where he’s going to go next.  Indeed, half the fun of listening to him is picking apart the layers and all of a sudden realizing “Holy crap, he’s got three songs going, but I think he’s using the percussion from Nine Inch Nails ‘Closer’…”  That sort of thing.  And if you haven’t heard, the new album is available to download for freeeeeee.  So go get it.  It’s separated into individual tracks, but really only for navigation, as it’s a continuous mix, so we’re not starting with a certain Girl Talk “song.”  Instead, I’m going to post the opening segment, and then the eighth segment, which is my current favorite, where new rap sensation Dominique Young Unique’s vocals are accompanied by…oh, just listen.  Makes me grin from ear to ear every time.  Then shuffle, then the first ten that come up, etc.  More videos after the jump.

1. Les Miserables – Original Cast Recording – “Lovely Ladies”
2. Tegan and Sara – “I Won’t Be Left”
3. Nina Simone – “My Man’s Gone Now”
4. How To Dress Well & cokc dokc – “Walking This Dumb”
5. The Knife – “Heartbeats”
6. The House Floor – “Axis”
7. Deer Tick – “Ashamed”
8. Poe – “Could’ve Gone Mad”
9. Journey – “If He Should Break Your Heart”
10. U2 – “Zoo Station”