We made strange and eerie discovery over the holidays on a visit Vermont’s most mysterious and beautiful lake, Lake Willoughby. What we found, was that the lake was inhabited by a gigantic alien that must still be frozen from the ice age.

Think I’m kidding?

Look at picture number 1, which seems like a benign picture of lovely scenery. Now, take a look what happens when you flip the picture, you can see the space monster in its full, terrifying glory. When you look at picture number one again, you can see that half of the alien’s  head rests below the surface of the pristine glacial water.

With this creepy discovery, the lake can never again be seen the same way. Move over Nessie, there is a much more terrifying creature to behold — and this one is no myth.

This body of water must be renamed — Alien Lake.

Alien Lake 2

alien 1