Feast of FunToday, I was on the popular podcast Feast of Fun, produced out of Chicago by Fausto Fernós and his partner, Marc Felion.

Feast of Fun grew out of an audio blog to promote the live show into the world’s most downloaded talk show aimed for gay people.

According to an online bio, Fausto loves odd people, pomegranates, waterfalls and 70s retro funk music.

Well, I’m not a pomegranate, nor a waterfall — and certainly not a retro funk record. So, I guess that makes me a proud odd person.

On the show, we discuss the “ex-gay” organization Exodus International targeting Middle School students and and the George Rekers “Rent Boy” Scandal.

Listen to the podcast and enjoy. I come in at 39:00 minutes — but listen to the whole show!