From Pink News UK:

Apple has apparently removed an app from its iTunes store which rails against gay marriage and LGBT rights. The app, created by a Christian group, disappeared from the online store after media attention, first reported on It was based on the Manhattan Declaration, a manifesto released in 2009 by Christian and Catholic leaders which rails against the “erosion” of marriage.

The question remains, will Apple forbid the so-called “ex-gay” hate group Exodus International from building a planned App?

The answer is YES if Truth Wins Out has anything to do with it. After all, it will not be very difficult to show Apple that Exodus is a hate group that demeans and dehumanizes LGBT people.

Exodus should really stop wasting time and money on an App that will most likely be doomed. Truth Wins Out will do everything in its power to make sure that this abusive, rabidly anti-gay App never sees the light of day.