Thank God. It’s about time:

In what may prove a significant development for the 2012 elections, David Brock, a prominent Democratic political operative, says he has amassed $4 million in pledges over the last few weeks and is moving quickly to hire a staff to set up what he hopes will become a permanent liberal counterweight over the airwaves to the Republican-leaning outside groups that spent so heavily on this year’s midterm elections.

David Brock can be a tough SOB. And that is why he is the right person at the right moment in history to take on this laudable project. We need someone who knows how to throw a punch and beat the social conservatives at their own game. Count me as a supporter of this noble effort. Liberals have to start selling their ideas and fighting back when totalitarian forces lie and distort the record.

Truth Wins Out has been a leader in showing liberals how to fight back and not get rolled. David Brock’s Media Matters has also, on a larger scale, held right wingers accountable for their misdeeds. There is also MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbemann. These are the individuals the Democratic Party can learn from, in terms of countering our opponents.

Note to David Brock: If you are going to set up broadcast services, like Air America, do not take the ostensibly easy route by hiring famous people to be hosts. Stars will only get you initial ratings, but will not sustain the success unless they are top-notch hosts. It is far wiser to hold auditions and find the best talent — and turn them into stars. This is exactly what FOX News did with Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. They took relative unknowns with talent and the stardom followed.

Just my two-cents.