What is it with Uganda and homo-obsessed Christians? Are their lives so empty and faith so barren that they most go half way across the world to make peoples’ lives miserable?

Yet another fundamentalist, Carl Jenkins, founder and presiding bishop of Christ Central Christian Ministries Worldwide in Albany, Ga., is linking up with church leaders in Uganda and neighboring countries to discourage homosexuality in the African region, according to AOL News.

“Overall, we’re not seeing the moral change and economic change that Christ can give if you are obedient and dedicated to the word of God,” Jenkins told AOL News.

You’ve got to be kidding me. The wealthiest nations in the world are generally the ones that are the most pro-gay. This idiot-preacher is going to further sully the reputation of this intolerant region and make it unattractive to investors. It will become an economic cesspool if they let Jenkins have his way. Who wants to invest, after all, in a bigoted area full of small minded people?

Jenkins is spending much of November in east Africa to finalize Christ Central’s organizational structure. On Sunday, the organization consecrated 16 bishops from Kenya, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

The movement is based in Teso, Uganda, where a Christ Central Academy and Health Center will be opened. It claims about 30 branch affiliates in Uganda alone and hopes to double that number by next year. Another 55 are being planned for Kenya.

Wonderful, as if Africa did not have enough self-righteous colonial Christians spreading hatred to the local population.

The rest of the article, Jenkins tries to sell us on the fact he is more tolerant than Ugandan psychopaths, like Martin Ssempa and David Bahati, that want to commit mass murder against LGBT people.

“I’m not homophobic,” Jenkins said. “But I can glean from the Bible that God is not pleased with homosexuality.”

I guess if you set the bar really low, Jenkins is not homophobic. But why would a guy travel across the globe to torment LGBT people unless he had some serious issues?

It is time for Jenkins and others of his ilk to pack their bags and bring their zealous asses back to America, before people are killed.

I suppose, these demagogues prefer to deal with LGBT people in Africa who have no rights and can’t speak out. It must make these sadistic bullies feel all-powerful to cow LGBT people who can do nothing other than hide in fear and shame.

Back in the states, a nut like Jenkins would be laughed at and have to deal with LGBT people who can fight back and fend for themselves. So, such cowards pick the path of least resistance and one where they can do maximum harm with minimal consequences.

I’ve had about enough of these crazies and their scriptural safaris. For the sake of national security, it may be time for the government to step in and revoke their passports before it is too late.