Peter has shared some words about Jim Swilley, the Georgia megachurch pastor who has shown himself to be a man of integrity and honesty, by coming out to his congregation and the world as a gay man.  Peter obviously doesn’t really “do Bible interpretation” beyond whatever pop-up version he keeps in his basement dungeon, having sharpie’d “NO GAYZ” all over the thousands of verses about caring for the poor, etc.  Anyway, Peter says:

“This so-called ‘Bishop’ Swilley is a very confused man,” laments Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH). “He thinks he’s being honest about — quote — ‘who he is,’ but actually, he’s compromising the Word of God and he’s Christianizing sin, which is impossible.”

“Bishop” Swilley…if that is his REAL NAME…

LaBarbera contends Swilley should step down from his ministerial position, stop preaching the Word of God, and repent of his sin and the advocacy of it. Swilly [sic] has shared that his congregation has been supportive of his coming out for the most part, but the AFTAH president is not surprised that some members of his church have left.

So Peter concedes that Swilley is preaching the word of God.  Interesting.

“There’s no doubt in the Bible about whether homosexual practice is a sin,” the conservative advocate points out. “He says he knew he was — quote — ‘gay’ since he was a boy. Most boys don’t think about sex, much less homosexuality, so we’re wondering what happened in his early life. Obviously, he’s a confused man.”

Most boys don’t think about sex?!  Uh.  Actually?  What world did Peter grow up in where boys don’t start thinking about sex the second their bodies start changing?  My goodness.

Anyway.  Add Jim Swilley to the list of people Peter is scared of getting a patdown from in the airport.