Same story, different side of the pond:

Dr Sheila Matthews wants to European Court to rule on whether professional medical advice regarding the best interests of children should take precedence over homosexual rights.

Dr Matthews claims she was forced out of her job on the Northamptonshire Council Adoption Panel because of her Christian beliefs that children should be placed with a father and mother rather than a homosexual couple.

She resigned from her post in March after being barred from sitting on the adoption panel.


Dr Matthews said: “I sought to do my job to a high standard to support the making of good decisions in the best interests of these children.

“I understand that legislation permits same sex couples to adopt and they are positively encouraged to apply, but I have professional concerns, based on educational and psychological evidence, of the influences on children growing up in homosexual households and I feel this is not the best possible option for a child.”

Here is the thing:  Dr. Matthews may be claiming that she has “professional concerns, based on educational and psychological evidence,” but she’s being represented by the UK equivalent of the Alliance Defense Fund, which is what fundamentalists do when they want a special pass to practice in an inferior way due to their religious beliefs.  No one is “discriminating against her,” any more than they would be if she, due to deep religious beliefs, refused to prescribe medicine for her patients, relying instead on prayer.  Dr. Matthews is obviously entitled to her beliefs, but she’s not entitled to give poor care to other, unwitting people.  But that is what she seems to want.

We shall see how the European court reacts.