This sniveling little pig ignorant bigot is named, um, let’s see…Chris Krok.  He is apparently on the radio somewhere, but hasn’t been able to build a significant career beyond his little corner of the airwaves.  So he’s upset with Joel Burns, the city councilman in Fort Worth who made a now viral speech to his council, with the message that life can and does get better for gay kids.

Apparently this is very frightening for this radio host whose name is…oh yeah, “Chris Krok.”

It must be hard for guys like Chris to have to listen to gay men who are obviously so much more masculine, brave and intelligent than they are.  Curse of the wingnut Whiny Ass Titty Baby, you know.

Seriously, I think it’s just funny. The video above has instructions for contacting his radio station, his boss, his advertisers, etc. In case you can’t watch, here:

214-526-2400 Is the Main Office number of KILF

or email the Operations Director, Jeff Catlin at

Be sure to be extra friendly when you call/e-mail.