Read it and weep at the loss of your comrades in bigotry, Elaine Donnelly, Tony Perkins, etc.:

A Defense Department study group has found that the United States could lift its ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military with little risk to current war efforts, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

“More than 70 percent of respondents to a survey sent to active-duty and reserve troops over the summer said the effect of repealing the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy would be positive, mixed or nonexistent,” the Post said, citing two unnamed sources familiar with the document, due to be delivered to President Barack Obama on December 1.

“The survey results led the report’s authors to conclude that objections to openly gay colleagues would drop once troops were able to live and serve alongside them,” the Post reported.

The survey was sent earlier this year to 400,000 active-duty and reserve troops, and a separate questionnaire was sent to about 150,000 military spouses.