Here’s something enjoyable. Gawker explains:

This is Colleen Thomas, a home health administrator turned physicist who specializes in the science of creation. She is also the “mother” of a race of good aliens here on Earth to defend humans from lizard people. Yes, lizard people!

The tenor if this message is this: if Obama goes to India as planned (though, he’s already there) he and all of his “cronies” will be killed by a tsunami. By the good aliens I think? Because Thomas doesn’t like Obama, and would prefer it if he surrendered himself to one of his FEMA death camps so Thomas and her friends can… do something. I don’t know! It’s unclear. Very factual, but unclear. There’s also something about Reptilians eating human bodies after natural disasters. Remember how there were no bodies recovered after the 2004 tsunami? Except for all the bodies they recovered and all the photographs of said bodies? Well, that. That’s Reptilian conspiracy. They steal the bodies to eat them. Perfect.

Cool. Watch the video.

How is this message fundamentally any more insane than what we deal with from, say, Peter LaBarbera or Bryan Fischer, or Cindy Jacobs, or Lou Engle, on a daily basis? Just curious. Anyway, happy Tuesday!

[h/t PZ Myers, who knew something was amiss the second he saw the ugly Thomas Kinkade-looking painting in the background]