I suppose we’ll see whether ABC commits an act of journalism tonight when they profile the laughably weird Journey into Manhood camps, which were notably exposed a while back when journalist Ted Cox went in undercover as an attendee and, as a straight man, experienced what it’s like when a camp counselor  jams his boner into your back.  As it usually goes with these mainstream media reports, sometimes they’re good, and sometimes they’re awful, beholden as the corporate media is to presenting “both sides” of issues, even when there aren’t two valid “opposing sides.” Here’s ABC’s intro:

When Preston met up with a bunch of his friends in New Caney, Texas, for a guys’ weekend at a secluded camp, it wasn’t for hunting or fishing. These men traveled here to attend emotional counseling sessions to cope with unwanted sexual attraction towards other men.

“To be able to connect from one man to another, with no facade, with no you know nothing holding back, it’s just amazing,” said Preston, a 28-year-old from outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. He requested only his first name be used.

The retreat called “Journey to Manhood” offers therapeutic peer counseling over 48 hours to help men like Preston, who voluntarily come to learn how to deal with what they call “same-sex attractions.” For the first time ever, the retreat allowed cameras inside their controversial organization and ABC News was granted exclusive access.

Nightline airs at 11:35/10:35 PM Central.