Today, Truth Wins Out threw a fun protest in Philadelphia!  The occasion was the annual convention of NARTH [National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality], which is most famous for having a board member named George Rekers, who was caught coming back from a European Holiday of some sort with a young male escort procured through  Other than that, they have contributed very little to the national discourse, at least from an educational or scientific perspective.  Anyway, as you can see in these pictures, fun was had by all, and if you hop over to JoeMyGod, you’ll see that Joe has a great round-up of today’s events, and a lot more pictures.  He even has a lovely photo gallery of the douchebags who came there because they inexplicably support NARTH, like Christopher Doyle, and Matt Barber, who has the same goatee I have!  The only difference is that I’m cute.  Oh, and I’m not a professional liar?  There is that.

Joe’s comment on Christopher Doyle is awesome, so I have to quote it here, because it made me LOL:

The tall bald guy is Christopher Doyle, an “ex-gay” who is on the board of PFOX and who is on staff with “ex-gay” whackadoodle Richard Cohen as a “Sexual Reorientation Coach” at the International Healing Foundation. If that wasn’t enough for this professionally “former” c*cksucker, he writes newspaper editorials arguing against the Day Of Silence. Anyway, I don’t think pillow-whacker Richard Cohen has totally gotten Doyle is touch with his “natural masculine nature,” because when I kept taking photos, Doyle put his hand on his hip and hissed, “I don’t need this. Why don’t you just sssssssstop!”

And that is why we like to invite Joe to do things.

Anyway, enjoy these pictures and then click on over to JMG.