ilovemyboo-250x193This campaign is pretty cute, I must say:

My girlfriend and I were taking the subway home one night when we saw an unexpected ad. Two African American men stood with their arms around each other under phrase “i love my boo.” Suddenly, we weren’t the only queer people on the subway — we had the support of an organization, and of one gay couple willing to stand up and publicly fight for LGBT recognition.

After the recent anti-gay hate crimes in the Bronx, Greenwich Village and Chelsea, some LGBT people might be feeling a bit isolated and perhaps even fearful in their own neighborhoods. A New York-based organization, the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, launched the “I Love My Boo” subway campaign to combat homophobia — and hopefully to help make LGBT people feel more comfortable.

The campaign will put posters up in 1,000 subway cars and 150 subway stations. The posters depict gay relationships among black and Latino men, and each poster carries a message: “We’re about trust, respect and commitment. We’re proud of who we are and how we love.”

Sometimes little messages like that can go a long way in showing people that we’re everywhere, and that that’s okay.