mich-asst-ag-cropped-proto-custom_2During the utterly creepy time when Michigan Assistant Attorney General was stalking openly gay University of Michigan student Chris Armstrong, Armstrong understandably petitioned for a restraining order against him, and the university followed suit by banning Shirvell from the campus.

Armstrong has now dropped the petition for a restraining order, and of course, Shirvell is chomping at the bit to get back onto that campus:

Now that University of Michigan student Chris Armstrong has dropped his restraining order request against Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell, Shirvell’s attorney has threatened to sue the school if it does not lift Shirvell’s ban from campus.

The University of Michigan had banned Shirvell after he repeatedly harassed Armstrong on campus and on his blog for being gay. Shirvell wrote on his blog that Armstrong, who is student body president, has a “radical homosexual agenda.”


Juliana Keeping of AnnArbor.com reports that Shirvell’s attorney Philip Thomas says that now that the request has been dropped the school’s ban should be as well: “In the matter concerning the appeal of the trespass, we want that withdrawn. He should be able to go onto that campus for whatever reason. It’s legal as long as what he’s doing is legal, and he’s not threatening in any way.”

Shirvell still gives me the heebie jeebies.