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On Grindr controversy:

He’s also not happy about being kicked off Grindr—four times.

Grindr is an iphone app that uses GPS positioning to show your location, and it also shows the whereabouts of other gay men nearby who are eager to have sex.

Unlike other Grindr users, who tend to adopt screen names like “Top-Jamaicanbkl” or “SmoothBoyish,” Choi uses “Lt. Dan Choi,” and his profile features an actual photograph of him in uniform.

But Grindr repeatedly cancelled his account. “They kept saying, ‘You are impersonating the Lt. Dan Choi.’ I had to go onto Facebook and find the owner of Grindr and say, ‘Can you please tell your people to stop deleting my account?’ ” It stopped, but he still gets messages from other users asking if he’s really that Lt. Dan Choi, baffled to be cyber-cruising the spokesman for repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

(Dan Choi is a human being with a life. I don’t know when gay rights leaders were transformed into eunuchs or sexless saints to appease the extreme right — but such unrealistic expectations should stop. Dan has every right to meet men for romantic purposes or sex. It does not diminish his standing or status as an incredible gay rights leader.)

On Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

“Harry Reid is a pussy,” Choi angrily said after the failed vote in the Senate last month, vowing to speak out about the Democratic leader, “and he’ll be bleeding once a month.”

Choi on President Obama:

“Don’t do anything, Obama!” he railed. “Just keep on doing what you’re doing, which is jack shit. Don’t appeal the decision. Don’t add one more thing to your plate—your heavy-ass plate.”

Needless to say, this is a very interesting article.

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