A bunch of bigots got together in the Deep South to rally in support of a girl and her pet anti-gay bigotry, and they were not welcomed!

KKK members and representatives from the Supreme White Alliance rallied at ASU in support of graduate student Jennifer Keeton, who filed suit against the school in July for requiring her to learn about the homosexual community or face expulsion.


Although the KKK said at least 50 members would arrive at 1 p.m. and rally until 4 p.m., the group of a dozen showed up about 1:40 p.m. and left about a 30 minutes later.

The dozens of counter-protesters from homosexual and civil rights organizations made use of their time face-to-face with Klan members.

“I think obviously those who came in support of equality and love outnumbered those who came in support of white supremacy,” said Christin Meador, an Augusta native who traveled from New York City to organize a protest against the KKK. She founded Proud Ally in 2009, a national gay-straight alliance that promotes tolerance and education.

Too bad, so sad.

Nice work, Augusta.

Later on that night, the Klan had one of their extremely fey ceremonies where they burned a cross and they chose a new Miss Congeniality Grand Wizard, and they promised they’d be coming back to Augusta State, due to the way the hundreds of counterprotesters there hurt their fee fees:

“We’re coming back to Augusta because of the disrespect given today,” Johnson said. “(Protesters) never gave us a chance to say what we had to say.”

Johnson said he ended the rally in front of ASU early because “people there tried to make it about hate, but it was about constitutional rights.”

Would it be completely unprofessional of me to just respond with a “LOL,” rather than commenting with words?