I’m not sure whose point Louis Marinelli of NOM affiliate OneMan-OneWoman.org is trying to make here, or if he’s making our case more effectively than he’s making his own.  In a long-winded piece about something or other, Marinelli says the following:

After all, there will never be marriage equality without full acceptance of homosexuality. A married couple that is comprised of two people of the same-sex will always busy the back of most people’s minds and words will be left unsaid merely out of courtesy and respect.

It’s like what Juan Williams said about Muslims on an airplane. He’s not a racist or a bigot or a right wing conservative but, as he admitted, when he sees a Muslim dressed in Muslim clothing on an airplane, it catches his eye, it makes him nervous.

The same thing is true of same-sex marriage. People will ‘accept’ them much like passengers will accept Muslim passengers on an airplane but no one knows what thoughts are brewing in their minds, behind their smile.

Um, okay. So what we have here is a wingnut accidentally admitting that despite the fact that the law treats other minorities equally, there will always be some people who don’t like it and make things more difficult for those minorities.  You don’t usually hear that from a wingnut.  But he seems to be suggesting that, in the case of gays, the bigotry in the backs of people’s minds is a good thing, and goes on to complain that the “homoseckshul agenda” is really about normalizing gayness so that people won’t have to face quite so much discrimination.

So…got it.  Louis Marinelli, fighting for the wingnut goal of keeping homosexuality from being normalized so that bigots can, I dunno, openly despise us, rather than the unsavory thing they have to do with blacks and Muslims nowadays.

And that’s your edition of Mondays with Marinelli.