It’s really difficult to find an honest politician these days. Indeed, those times when our country was led by true leaders like Franklin Delano Roosevelt seem long gone, and it’s highly doubtful that they’ll ever return. The classic film “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” seems more and more like a fairy tale instead of a genuine recollection of the way things used to be.

There is one individual, however, who doesn’t mince words. She’s Sharron Angle, the so-called “Tea Party” candidate in Nevada who is poised to topple Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader. Indeed, Ms. Angle really does tell it like it is.

In fact, you couldn’t find a more honest politician…

When Ms. Angle defended an ad from her campaign that contained images of angry, menacing Hispanics crossing our border (and suggested that they were really Canadians when she was called on it), she was being totally up front with us.

When she told a primarily Latino audience that “some of you look Asian to me,” she was, in fact, being completely forthright.

When she said that Social Security should be “phased out,” she was being utterly genuine.

When she said that insurance companies shouldn’t be forced to cover mammograms or provide for kids that have autism, she clearly wasn’t trying to hide.

And finally, when she pledged not to accept campaign contributions from PACs that include donations from companies that provide health benefits to the partners of gay employees, she was definitely being sincere.

This is one of the most closely watched races in the country. Normally, someone like Sharron Angle wouldn’t even be given the time of day, but Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country. People are hurting. They want solutions, and understandably so, but is it really reasonable to believe that an extremist like Ms. Angle has what it takes to solve these problems? We don’t think it is.

That someone like Ms. Angle could even remotely be taken seriously is a stinging reminder of just how disenchanted some people are about both the direction of our country and the admittedly-flawed politicians who run it. Electing someone like Ms. Angle, however, isn’t the solution. On Election Day, it is our hope that cooler heads will prevail. Mr. Reid is certainly far from perfect, but he is the better choice.

Admittedly, however, Sharron Angle does have one thing going for her, and it’s the fact that she’s totally honest about what she believes and what she would do if she were sent to Washington. Indeed, you really can take her at her word.