This has been festering in my Google Reader for a few days, and I’ve decided I really don’t want to write about it.  Mike Adams blogs for the American Family Association and TownHall, and teaches, as Tintin at Sadly, No! notes, at a cow college in North Carolina.  His career is pretty much stagnant, and all he really does is bitch and moan about how fundamentalist Christian men like him are the real victims, of feminists, gays, blacks, and basically whoever else doesn’t worship whatever he’s using for a penis substitute that day.  He’s like the sideshow version of Bryan Fischer.  In short, he’s a loser.

Anyway, he wrote a blog post about how the lib’rul media is reporting on all the gay teen suicides, but paying no attention to the spate of Christian suicides caused by gay bullies.  The Christian suicides, of course, do not exist, having been entirely made up in Mike’s head.  Like most of his work, it’s too puerile to be offensive to any thinking person, but if you’re interested, the aforementioned Tintin has destroyed Adams’ latest piece thoroughly, which always makes for highly entertaining reading.   Here’s Tintin’s set-up, and then click the clicky for the rest:

Mike Adams has made a career, more or less, over at Clown Hall chronicling efforts by women and gays to harass him, allegedly by writing sharply-worded letters to him as well as by mentally broadcasting hateful taunts in his direction which are then picked up by his fillings and intrude into his thoughts. The latest assault on Adams’s delicate sensibilities was a series of co-ordinated suicides by gay teenagers who killed themselves expressly to embarrass Adams and to affect his standing at the cow college where he teaches.

Maybe we should write about Mike Adams more.  Is he relevant enough to address?