As Kyle at Right Wing Watch noted, this Linda Harvey column is more inane than anything she’s ever written, so it’s frankly not worth criticizing line by line, but let it be noted that she and other bigots like her do not like when people point out to them that their false teachings and beliefs are at the root of the spate of gay kids being bullied to death:

The accusations, the outrageous claims, the “blood on your hands” e-mails I and others are receiving need to stop. Traditional sexual morality is good for kids, period. And “support” for homosexuality will only do more harm, not good. No one is suggesting any harm come to kids – just the opposite.

Awwwwwww, the poor dear.  The meanies are sending Linda e-mails!  Oh, no!

Contention that support for gay kids to be who they are is harmful: unfounded, false.

Contention that no one is suggest that harm come to gay kids: also false, as Linda and her comrades’ beliefs about gay kids are, inherently, harmful to gay kids.

Later on, this:

In some instances, students are bullied because they don’t support homosexuality, because they have high moral standards for sexual behavior, or because they are Christians. Some kids have told parents they don’t want to go back to school the next day, because the “gay” kids are so vicious.

Yeah, the reason you don’t see the headlines about fundamentalist Christian kids getting the shit kicked out of them at school by the gay kids is that these situations only exist inside Linda’s skull parts.

That’s why you don’t hear much about these troubling incidents happening at Christian and parochial schools. The climate is usually different, with high standards, involved parents and an atmosphere of personal accountability.

Hahahaha, sadly, no! It’s because they’re pushed under the rug and the administrators and teachers pretend they don’t happen.

Linda Harvey’s capacity to completely make up things in order to support her delusions is mind-numbing, truly.

What a joke.